I have been raising dairy goats (Lamanchas ) and Scottish Highland cattle for several yrs my husband and I decided to expand our stock so after much research I decided on hogs. Pasture hogs and Manglitsas and Mulefoots fit into our plan of raising all natural pasture raised specialty live stock . We have 28 acres wooded and pasture well fenced that they roam with 2 spring fed ponds. This is hog heaven. We are hoping to start selling meat and venturing into specialty restaurants in the future. All our hogs are USDA tagged for out of state shipment. We can help you arrange transportation .

We also have 2 Scottish Highland and 2 Angus cows

 that we breed to our Reg Highland bull we have found this cross to produce very well marbled meat.

We have 2 Lamancha and 2 Nigerian dwarf does that we breed to reg bucks this year we will have reg mini Lamanchas. We milk and make cheese for our own use only. We don't produce a lot of offspring from our livestock we are specialized and  I assure you I am better at genetics then web sites. I am also a great cheese maker.