The Mangalitsa is an old breed, originating in Central Europe.  It is a lard hog. One of the few remaining lard breeds in the world.  After WWII farming practices changed and many of the hog breeds changed to fit the modern idea of what a hog should be.  The Mangalitsa was down to a small group of individuals before an effort was put forth to save the breed.    Today there are three breeds of Mangalitsa left:  The Blonde, the Swallow Bellied and the Red Mangalitsa    The Blonde is most numerous with the majority of hogs in Europe being the Blonde.  They have a curly coat ranging in color from Blonde to a reddish tint.    The Swallow Bellied is the second most popular breed although their numbers are relatively small compared to the Blonde.  The Swallow Bellied is a black pig with white underbelly.         We are currently working with the Swallow Bellied and Blonde Mangalitsa’s.    We are also crossing on registered Mulefoots.


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